Brook Wells
Perth, Australia


Short Intro

I lived most my life in Perth and a few years in Sydney. The design scene in perth is a very tight nit community here in Perth as it is small compared to Melbourne or Sydney. Here in Perth there are plenty of small studios around the city, some of talent here has been recognised world wide which is great.

How did you get here?

When i finished school i initially was going to do computer programing but i was told by my parents that i should give graphic design a shot becourse i was really into drawing and that was all what i generally did besides videogames. The first year of me studying graphic design i was doing my certificate 4 and i was not prepared for the work load , i as a result  failed many thing including drawing and colour theory and so i had to repeat the those classes the following year to pass and to move on to my diploma. When i was doing my diploma i was still finding it difficult to get my head around the whole idea of design and the fundermantles but still i failed a class which was illustration, i came back the year after and completed it with flying colours. 

The following year i did my advance diploma. This was the everything clicked into place and the year i started experimenting in photoshop with my design work. At this point of learning design i had decided to take it very serious becourse i wanted to push myself to get better and stand out from my year group. By the end of that year i was very confident in my abilities of design and got a few job  offer that never worked out in the end. 

A year since graduating i still had no job and had developed depression. During my depression i was not confident anymore and i was doubting myself. When i felt like doing anything remotely creative i did some black and white collages expressing how i felt that day. 

When i eventually felt better from the depression i updated my behance and started searching for similar sites to upload my work on, i eventually came across dribbble knowing nothing about it and started looking through the work being flabbergasted by the standard of work being shown. I signed up only to be disappointed that i had to get invited to post work, i almost quit right there but i decided to give it my best shot by following over 400 people praying that i get a invite the next day. I woke up the next morning to a email saying that i got a invite from one of the designers from dribbble themselves and i posted my first shot.

One or two years later i posted work that was okay but not that exciting. I always enjoyed the icons i saw people posted and really wanted to do that, I decided to push my skills in illustrator and was enjoying it. I decided to do my first icon set four months later which first started out as me doing a astronaut and then later that night i did six icons and called it "Space Is Amazing". I uploaded the icons to dribbble that night to wake up to it being liked twenty times and was very happy with that, the next day i woke up to it being liked seventy times and growing very fast. I was happy that people were liking what i created and thats when i really pushed myself in icons and illustrator.

As of today i can say that dribbble has really helped me become a better designer. I create stuff that i am proud of.

How did you get up?

I gained my confidence back when i applied for a volunteer position as graphic designer for a non for profit magazine ( still volunteer for ) in Perth which led to me getting past my depression.  I worked there three times a week, When ever i was there i would try and do a different style of design for what they gave me to.

I have never had a mentor. It would be nice to have one even now but back then i was not active in the design community online or offline. This year i have been pushing my online presence and going to many design events in Perth.

Whats your favorite piece? 

My Favorite piece is the Space is Amazing icon set i made. Not to toot my own horn but it feels just well balanced and different when i look at it. The process for making that icon set was all about the research and the sketching on paper, I would first collect a bunch of images related to the icons i created. After collecting the images i spread them out on a illustrator document and start the sketching process of doing each icon  till i am satisfied how it looks.

When sketching i generally aim to have the icon be simple as possible but still gives the impression of what it is and detail. The last part of the process is going on the computer and making the final design in illustrator or sketch3, this part for me is generally the easiest part of the process because i already sussed out what i need to do in the sketches and that saves time when going on the computer.

Once that is done i like to flip what i have done horizontal to see if it looks right both ways and transfer it to photoshop where i played with the colours and gradients.


Space is Amazing by Brook Wells

Family and friends support what you do?

My family are very supportive even though they don't quite understand what i do. I have a number of friends who are in the creative business from illustration, 3d modeling and graphic design, they understand the ups and downs of being a creative person which is nice and its nice seeing them grow.

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